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John Altieri: Music

Dhol n' Brass (live)

Mast Kalandar (live)

Private Dancers (live)

Where Rooftops See Forever

(orchestra 15 min. 2/00)

Where Rooftops See Forever


(sextet- soprano, oboe, clarinet, violin, cello, piano 6 min. 8/00)


Upward Summer

(septet- trombone, flute/alto flute, string quartet, & percussion commissioned by Mark Kellogg 9 min. 7/99)

Puddles to Pearls

(for mezzo-soprano and piano, commissioned by Rebecca Comerford and Anna Johnson 6 min. 7/04)


(brass quintet, commissioned by the Prism Brass 6 min. 4/01)

My Words Turn to Song in Your Fists

(modern dance with chamber ensemble 27 min. 3/02)

Summer Brooklyn

(sextet- fl, bcl, vn, vc, pn, pc, OR quartet - a sax, b sax, gtr, dr. set 7 min. 7/05 [midi])

Summer Brooklyn

I Close My Eyes to See You

(clarinet, cello/singer, percussion commissioned by the Y Trio 9/06 5 min.)

I Close My Eyes to See You

Not Yet

(fl, cl, db, electric guitar, pn, for Now Ensemble 8/09 6 min. [midi])

Not Yet

Voiceless Puddles

(for baritone voice and string orchestra 13 min. 3/99)

Music for Piano and Percussion

(piano- John Altieri, percussion- Neil Dunn (4/02) 11' min.)

Five Movements for Solo Tuba

Starting Red Amongst Brown

(for solo violin with flute, piano, percussion 6 min. 2/01)

City Corners

(for solo trombone or bari sax & narrator 6 min. 6/02)

July 8th from Self Portrait for Piano

March 17 from Self Portrait for piano

((piano- John Altieri) 3/07)

March 5th from Self Portrait for piano

(piano - John Altieri, 3/07)
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